Why Is My Disposable Vape Spitting or Leaking?

As we mentioned above, Turn disposable vapes have internal components that absorb condensation and help to keep the e-liquid in its place. It’s still possible for excess e-liquid to collect in the top part of the device, though – and in that case, the e-liquid may leak or spit out of the mouthpiece when you vape. The good news about a spitting or leaking disposable vape is that you can control the problem simply by vaping in a slightly different way.

How to Fix a Spitting or Leaking Disposable Vape

If your disposable vape spits or leaks, the most likely reason is that you’re puffing on the device too firmly. Vaping devices are designed to work under gentle air pressure. If you puff on a disposable vape with the same air pressure that you would use when smoking a cigarette, you’ll draw excess e-liquid out of the wick. The solution is to puff more gently. If you hold the device upright for several minutes, some of the excess e-liquid may flow back down to the wick. You can also absorb some of the liquid by running a paper towel down the device’s mouthpiece.

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